Sign-up for Voice and Visuals Workshop

Welcome to the sign-up page for next week's "Voice and Visuals Workshops" for All Things Mouse. During this optional workshop session, the Learning Lab team will help you identify a key visualization opportunity for your group's presentation. This could include using 2D or 3D digital tools or even analog prop design (clay, molding and casting). You are more than welcome to come even if you are undecided about what part of your presentation you'd like to visualize, and we would be delighted to teach you the software you need if you are interested.

Following this opportunity to develop your visual content, Sarah will lead a Voice and Communication Workshop during your regular class in the Biolabs next Wednesday (April 13th).

Visuals Workshops are 1 hour and take place in rooms 317 and 318 of the Science Center at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

Voice Workshop will be held in your Biolabs Classroom.

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Which time do you think you'll attend?
Imagine from the perspective of your audience: what visual experience would help a listener really "get" an important part of your talk?
For example: "how do I rip old Mickey Mouse footage?" "how can I cut together audio interview footage with Prof. Hoekstra?" "how can we cast a giant mouse bone in plaster?"
Your responses live in a Google form owned by Sarah (they won't be shared).